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HD Separation Mastering

HD Separation Mastering

HD Separation Mastering provides unprecedented control to optimize and
enhance your music. Appropriate refinements are made to separated portions
of your mix. This method helps preserve the musical tone or dynamics of
your music more than any other process. It works on the needs of the music,
not the needs of overall volume.

It's more precise than applying traditional equalizers and compressors to a
complex locked-down 2-channel waveform. Separations do what multiband
compressors DREAM they could do!

Problem: Making a loud CD master requires that the highest dynamic peaks of
a mix (usually the drums) must be lowered (limited) in order to raise the
overall volume of the audio (to avoid clipping distortion). Often this changes
the tone or apparent level of the drums in the master. This kind of peak
limiting is almost never needed for vocals or support instruments.

HD Solution: Process the drum peaks/transients differently than the vocals.
This eliminates unnecessary artifacts imposed on the vocals by the drum
processing. The warmth and natural character of the vocals and other instruments
are retained.

Problem: Vocal de-essing (removal of high frequency "ss" or "sh" bursts) is
commonly needed in mastering, particularly when a full mix needs more clarity.
Drums, however, are often muffled when de-essing is "globally" applied to a
full mix.

HD Solution: Vocals can be de-essed and clarified without changing the tone and
dynamics of the drums or other instruments. Support instruments are warmer and
more musical when they do not "share" the same processing chain as the vocals or

Traditional Mastering:

A 2-track mix is processed through a single audio path - into a stereo mastering system.

Separation Mastering:

2 or more separated portions of your mix (example: instruments, a cappella vocals) are
summed in a source computer and processed through a single audio path - into a stereo
mastering system.

HD Separation Mastering - Exclusively at Vestman Mastering:

2 or more (preferably 3 to 6) separated portions of your mix (example: drums,
bass, instruments, vocals) are processed through 4 independent Discrete Class-A analog audio
paths - into a separate, unique proprietary summing device and high-precision stereo mastering

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