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Roland TR-606 Sample Pack - Free

The clean Roland TR-606 recordings have been provided by anderson303.
He sampled his modded TR-606 prior to selling it, doing a great job at
capturing all the different sounds this drum machine can produce.
The sampled machine was actually the Exfade mod version of the instrument,
which made it possible to tweak the pitch of each drum hit.

The raw takes provided by anderson303 were then recorded to my trusty old
cassette deck and re-sampled back to digital format. I recorded the samples
to a CrO2 audio cassette at two different gain settings. The first take was
recorded at medium gain, adding a bit of noise and crunch to the original
sounds. The second take was really hot and a bit over the top, adding lots of
distortion to the sound and resulting in a variety of meaty kicks and
punchy snares.

The final product contains both the clean recordings and the tape processed
samples which have been organized into two separate drum kits.
I’ve also added three Poise drum kit mappings to the pack.


-128 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format
-72 clean Roland TR-606 one shot samples
-56 tape processed Roland TR-606 one shot samples
-3 Poise drum kits (DKT format)
-Demo track (320 kbps MP3)

Download here::  Click

(9.47 MB download size, ZIP archive)

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