sábado, 7 de febrero de 2015

Violin Freebie for UVI Workstation

During this festive season, Virharmonic is giving out a Violin Freebie for
UVI Workstation as a taster of their upcoming "Soul Capture Series".
Look out for more information regarding this series in the coming months.

Technical Specifications of the freebie:

+1080 unique samples.
+380 MB in lossless compression.

Articulations & Specifications:

All articulations are chromatically sampled.
Pizzicato: Four dynamic layers from soft pp to harsh ff with 4 round robins.
Spiccato Rhythm: 16th note repetition with a lot of grit - Tempo synced with
natural 120BPM and 4 round robins. Singular dynamic layer.

Download Violin Freebie

UVI Workstation

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