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CCStepper 1.10 - Free VST MIDI CC Data Sequencer

CCStepper is a VST MIDI CC data sequencer plugin, suitable for controlling
MIDI capable software (softsynths or effects) or external hardware devices.
CCStepper lets you create up to 8 independent sequences with up to 64 steps each,
and can either be synced to your host or triggered by MIDI notes. The step rate can
be set from 1/128 notes and up to 32 bars, and various randomization features allows
you to create unpredictable sequences.

System Requirements::

Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8. VST2 compatible 32-bit or 64-bit host.

Download & Installation::

Click "Download", open the downloaded zip file and extract the dll file to your
VST plugin folder (CCStepper32.dll if you use a 32-bit host, or CCStepper.dll
if you use a 64-bit host).

Download CCStepper 1.10 (zip)

Source CodeFN42

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