lunes, 28 de abril de 2014

Metallurgy - Massive Multi-Effect Free

Metallurgy is a multi-effect that is capable of providing sounds ranging from subtle
filter tweaks to twisted and complex walls of sound that bear virtually no resemblance
to the original audio. Metallurgy was designed with drums, bass, and synths in mind,
but it works well with a wide variety of input material and is useful for many styles
of music.

Metallurgy offers 3 pannable filters with multiple modulation options, 2 very digital
distortions, 2 downsamplers, dual delay, an envelope follower, gate and pan sequencing,
and a Metal effect - which in addition to flanging and metallic effects, also provides
the ability to produce pitched sequences. You can even play the pitches via MIDI input,
nearly turning Metallurgy into an synth in its own right. From subtle tweaks to mangling
beyond recognition, Metallurgy delivers it all.

Metallurgy comes with 4 preset banks (FXP format) for a total of 512 presets.



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