miércoles, 16 de octubre de 2013

Kinko Acid - Galactic Cirrus (2013) Free

Kinko Acid - Galactic Cirrus (2013)


There was a strange Sound. Caught by Earthlings. Many Years ago.
It seems to be a extraterrestrial Signal. Man tried to reproduce this
luminous Waveforms to get in touch with the Source. But it never responded.
Instead the Earthlings found out that these Waves had the power to connect
themselves. They started to Produce more and more of these Sounds.
The deeper they immersed, the greater was the effect. After decades of
research and development, the man were then able to communicate entirely
through Music. A Universal Language spoken and understood by everyone.
A Language that not only describes us and our Environment, but also creates
a totally new Reality the Moment it is spoken. No Questions - Just Answers.

Run time: 38:17

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