lunes, 12 de agosto de 2013

Dulcet - Free Synth


-Body resonator with many different modes.
-Noise, with Pink, Red, Blue, White noise modes which can be used as a
 noise generator or an exciter for the PM delay when the feedback (FB slider) is at max.
-Oscillator with saw, sine, square (with adjustable pulse width) waves and white
 and pink noise modes. It can be used as a sub oscillator, or as an exciter for the PM delay.
-Pre-filter(Filters before the PM delay) with different filter modes and Source options  (Noise/Osc/Both).
-Another Filter with different modes and modulation options.
-Vibrato and tremolo/ LFO for the filter.
-Pitch envelope with adjustable probability.
-A delay.
-128 high quality presets and a manual.

Download Dulcet (skydrive)::

Download dulcet from mirror::

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