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REASON Techniques

Here's a collection of Reason Notes articles from SOUND ON SOUND magazine.

Rack Extension Shop:

Rack Extensions:

Open Borders:



The Echo:

Reason 6: Alligator, Gates:

Reason 6 New Features:

Mix Tricks For Reason 6:

Reason 6:

Reason 6:

Missing DAW Features: Track Folders,
Fader & Mix Groups, Markers, Track Freezing:

Neptune Pitch Correction, Part 2:

Neptune Pitch Correction:

Modulation Mayhem:


Drum Instruments:

Introducing Dr OctoRex:


Time & Tempo Flexibility:

Reason - Using Your Own Samples:

Reason 5 Rundown:

Reason/Record: Tooling Up:

Building A Multi-Band Compressor In Reason:

Reason / Record: Stereo Vision:

Comping Tips in Reason and Record:

Creating Unusual Effects In Reason:

Reason: Delaying Tactics:

Reason: Productivity Boosts:

Reason To Record:

Reason To Record:

Running Reason And Ableton Live Together:

Make A Modular Synth In Reason:

Reason: Parallel Compression:

Reason ReGroove: Getting Your Groove On:

Side-chain Compression In Reason:

Reason 4's New Sequencer:

Reason 4: Advanced Arpeggiation:

More Thor In Reason 4:

The Thor Synthesizer In Reason 4:

DIY Effects In Reason:

Reason: Making The Most Of The Mixer:

Reason's Matrix Pattern Sequencer:

Exploring Reason's BV512 Vocoder:

Hacking Remote Files In Reason:

Using Reason Live
Part 3: Live Looping With Dr:Rex:

Using Reason Live
Part 2: Live Electronic Performance:

Using Reason Live
Part 1: Replacing A Live Keyboard Rig:

Using Mixer Automation In Reason:

Using Reason's Spider Audio & Spider CV Devices:

Refining Rhythm In Reason:

Programming Drums in Reason:

Loop-based Composition in Reason:

Using Hardware Controllers with Reason 3:

Using Reason with 8 major Audio Host Applications:

Mastering External Audio In Reason 3:

Tuning Drum Loops In Reason:

ReBirth & Reason:

Mastering Reason 3 Mixes:

Beta-testing Reason:

Reason Mixing Masterclass:

Reason Notes:

Using The Malström Synth In Reason:

Building Combinator Effects In Reason 3:

Solving Reason problems With Combinator:

Audio Input for Reason:

Building Combinator Patches in Reason 3:

Reason: New Refills & Tips:

Reason: Getting More Out Of v2.5:

Reason: RV7000 Advanced Reverb:

Reasons to be cheerful: v3:

Arpeggiators & Cool Techniques:

REX Loops: Substituting Sounds:

Reason: Alternatives To 4/4 Time:

sing Mackie Tracktion Sequencer As A Rewire Host:

Instant Track Creation:

More Reason to be cheerful:

Reason Notes starts here!:

Propellerhead REASON - SOS Tutorials, Techniques & Workshops:

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