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Music Piracy - Articles Various

Here you have a list of articles about Music Piracy, Underground Fame,
Megaupload and file hosting.

Warez publicity almost halted my music Publication!

Pauk McGuinnes On Music Piracy (

Online Music Piracy and the Efficiency of Internet Distribution (E-Marketing)

Music Piracy Sucks (Now I’m Fluttering-Blog)

Opinion: Has Megaupload ruined file hosting for everyone else? (

MediaFire CEO: Unlike Megaupload, our business model isn’t built on piracy (

MegaFallout: Shutdown of MegaUpload Spooks Other Services (

Megaupload Back Online With New Website? (

15 file-sharing sites like Megaupload that the Feds may target next (

FileSonic stops file sharing after Megaupload case (

Common Errors about Music Piracy (

FileSonic Shuts Down All File Sharing (

Upload To Multiple File Hosts The Easy Way With The Open-Source Project, Neembuu Uploader [Cross-Platform] (

FileSonic File-Sharing Service Next Domino to Fall After Megaupload Bust (

More File Sharing Websites Call It a Day in Response to Megaupload Raid (

Megaupload’s DMCA Shell Games (

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